Google Computer Science Summer Institute

By Google and SUTD

Juin Lee
3 min readFeb 22, 2020
Wei Juin at Google Developer Space at Google’s APAC headquarters

I had the opportunity to be a part of Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute(CSSI). Amazingly, this is the first time that Google is partnering with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to run its CSSI program outside of the United States of America. The CSSI program comprised three weeks of intensive, interactive, and hands-on programming at SUTD and Google with a final project week. Through CSSI, we were introduced to computer science and got to work with Googlers and Professors from SUTD who are passionate about technology and are tech leaders in their fields.

We learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Google App Engine in the first two weeks to prepare us to create a web application by the end of the program. The highlight of the program is working in a team during the last week to create a web application to present in front of invited guests, SUTD staff, and Google employees.

Web development classes at SUTD

We also had the rare opportunity to experience the work culture and environment at Google across a span of two weeks. Every day at Google was special to me as every day I enter the Google office, I felt happy to be there despite struggling to debug my code the night before. The Googlers I met there oozed positivity, creativity, and productivity. It is evident that Google’s energy within the office is contagious as we became Googley after a short period of two weeks.

Google APAC Headquarters

foodRescue by Gigabite was selected as the Top 5 Web Application!

During project week, we developed a web application called foodRescue to help home cooks to find suitable recipes for their leftover ingredients. By convention, recipes do not take into account the ingredients that the home cook has available and avoid the need to buy fresh ingredients. Therefore, we were determined to flip that idea around and suggest recipes based on what users have to encourage users to fully make use of the food they already have. In doing so, reducing unnecessary food purchases that lead to excessive consumption and production to address the sustainable development goal laid out by the United Nations and also help home cooks make a sumptuous meal for themselves or their families. “Googler” out!

From left: See-Mong Tan (Google), Lee Wei Juin, Tony Quek (Associate Professor, Acting Head of Pillar and Cheng Tsang Man Chair Professor)

Special thanks to Professor Oka Kurniawan, Norman Lee, Tan See Mong, and family for supporting our learning and being so encouraging throughout the three weeks.



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