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Juin Lee
2 min readOct 25, 2020
From left: Lee Wei Juin, Loh Kar Wei, Hans Delano, and Jabez Tho

Hack.Asia was an inaugural 48-hour hackathon organized by the Jardine Matheson Group (Jardines) and Daimler Group (Daimler), with support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). Held at the Amazon Web Services office, the hackathon saw 36 finalist teams comprising student entrepreneurs and innovators working against the clock to develop technology-driven solutions to address current challenges faced by Asian businesses and economies.

The world is undergoing a massive digital transformation especially with the pandemic and we have the challenging task to alter our behaviors to keep up with this change. According to research, human error is a top cause of data breaches. This is mainly to be blamed on the lack of knowledge we have on information security and we would commit “cybercrime” without even knowing!

Information theft may lead to a loss of productivity or profitability, damage consumer confidence in the business. Therefore, it is important to protect your organization’s vital blueprints and public relations and to encourage employees to take security seriously as the first line of defense in the protection of personal sensitive data to safeguard yourself from an identity thief.

I-S.E.A.R (Information Security Edutainment Augmented Reality) is an augmented reality-based education platform to learn information security and ensure compliance with information security policies. This application gamifies learning and educates the importance of internet security by cultivating best practices through interacting with a virtual host that encourages employees to complete missions and earn special recognition while harnessing the ability of augmented reality to provide a realistic simulation of information security breach and bad practices.

I-S.E.A.R (Information Security Edutainment Augmented Reality)

We clinched 1st Runner up!

As the Top 2 team for our problem statement, we were invited to Hong Kong to present at Jardines Digital Conference.

Special thanks to Teammates: Jabez Tho, Hans Delano, Loh Kar Wei, and our mentor Teo Shin Jen



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